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Black Lives Matter

We recognize the structural inequalities present in our nation and the communities we participate in. In doing so, we are compelled to speak up and fully embody our ideals of equality, justice and diversity in the spaces we occupy.

Through community engagement, deliberate business relationships and practices, and a transparent internal dialogue, we hope to create an environment where the things we stand for are more accurately represented and brought into our neighbors’ lives.

This is an introduction for our company to take real action and be full participants in the systems we are part of. We will continue to remain as transparent as possible and seek out tangible actions to enact the change we want to see.

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Taking BIPOC-owned businesses as clients

Continuing our company-wide discussions about diversity and inclusion

Creating a safe space for all employees

Reaching out to BIPOC-owned and socially responsible groups to stay informed and uplift them

Women 51%
POC 43%
BIPOC Executives 67%
One of the many core values 3STEPS4WARD embodies is diversity. From being a black-owned company to our refreshing young team of creative thinkers and innovators, we value diverse perspectives. Inclusivity is a top priority.

Our mission is to help businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs with positive social causes at their core; thus the values of diversity and equality speak volumes to us. In order to enhance this mission, we align ourselves with companies that share these same values, bolstering each other up to create a relationship that is both empathetic and professional.

We not only recognize that diversity is a moral imperative, but a business imperative as well. Our diverse team offers each other a broader perspective, support, and promotes better decision making. We drive our team to take the lead, initiative and offer areas where they think 3S4 can take the lead, follow their intuition, and pursue excellence in all they do.

Above all, we value and respect the different perspectives, styles, and needs of our team, and of our clients

3STEPS4WARD was founded on January 3rd, 2020. At that point, the team was made up of two individuals with no idea of the challenges this inceptive year would bring, let alone the road ahead for the organization.

Despite unprecedented public health and economic crises, a revolutionary civil rights movement and an untethered national political divide, the team grew.

Now more than 30 individual contributors make up the 3STEPS4WARD family—and this number continues to grow.

We were forged in an era of  empowered voicesuntold futureprogressive thoughtmeaningful actionunprecedented self-reflectionCHANGE

We believe in a “come as you are” mentality and the importance of accessibility. By reducing barriers to entry, opportunities are opened and there is more room for participation—and for better ideas.

Being a young company has allowed us to scale up in a way that doesn’t compromise our founding ideals. We operate multilaterally, with a largely horizontal structure that gives free reign to those who are willing to run with the ball or, in the words of our CEO, “Take the mic!”

Finally, we believed early on in the principle of business for positive social causes. We stand by this whole-heartedly, and have done our best as an organization to not limit our services to clients who simply have the means, but rather have the right message. We set up a referral program to encourage those who do business with us to continue to grow their networks with reduced cost burdens. We also introduced “COVID discounts” to clients who felt the impact of the virus the most—pushing forth the belief that even when things seem most grim, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Good business is mutually beneficial. We believe in our work and we believe in the work of our clients. Learn more about our clients and why we take pride in the work that we do.

3STEPS4WARD provides opportunities for the next generation.

We are creating webinars and internships, investing in future technologies and building a culture of youth development. We have a group of diverse interns who are provided with resources and opportunities to work on independent projects and explore their interests in various fields. Outside of the company, our CEO focuses on delivering podcasts and lectures to various universities, as well as inspiring underprivileged youth and people of color

Community Partnerships
As a company, we want to take a deep dive in helping local communities by starting small and working with organizations who can benefit the most from growth marketing.

We believe in the importance of creating and maintaining strong relationships with our local communities. Additionally, by teaming up with groups that represent ideas that we believe in, we are able to do more than vote with our wallet but also actively create growth in the initiatives we closely align with. This is essential for us to gain an understanding of how our work can collectively create systemic change in local economies and, consequently, in the livelihoods of their residents.

3STEPS4WARD is a collective of marketing experts, creatives, strategists and entrepreneurs seeking to help create a better world in our lifetimes and for generations to come.

We hope to do this in part by supporting the success of minority entrepreneurs and business owners. We affirm that setting black-owned businesses on the path to success helps to:

– Close the racial wealth gap
– Strengthen local economies
– Promote job creation
– Celebrate and empower Black culture
– Serve local communities
– Hold systems and large companies accountable
– Support equal representation in business
– Develop a rich community for people of all backgrounds

We provide innovative digital marketing strategies that allow businesses to reinvent themselves, grow, and thrive amidst these times of uncertainty.