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COVID-19 induced trauma and anxiety are going to be with us for a while, and will have substantial impacts on our mental health, and the health of small businesses and the economy. At 3STEPS4WARD, we’re responding to this uncertainty by supporting small businesses.

Take Respirana for example. The innovative heroes at Respiranda recognized the high cost of respirators as an unsustainable barrier to quality healthcare for people in disadvantaged areas. In response to that need, they developed an affordable emergency respirator that could be produced at scale.
Our team worked with Respirana to develop an aggressive marketing campaign with the goal of getting their life-saving equipment in front of the changemakers in the healthcare industry. We’re proud of our work with the innovative team at Respirana and the impact they’ve had on lives threatened by COVID-19.
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Your brand is the first thing investors and potential clients see. How does your logo stack up against your competitors’? The 3STEPS4WARD team consulted medical illustrators and experts to create a unique logo for Respirana that set their brand apart. We also identified potential challenges that could arise along the way, like the audience potentially confusing respirators for ventilators, so we could proactively address these concerns.
The result? A cutting-edge brand book with eye-catching designs and a crystal clear visual explanation of how Respirana is addressing the life-threatening issue of a respirator shortage during a pandemic.


When people visit your website, they need to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
At 3STEPS4WARD, we will audit your current website to identify strengths and opportunities. From there, we’ll suggest ways to improve your web presence, including search engine optimization. Or we could build a new website from scratch utilizing the branding we created for you.
Your website is your brand’s first impression on potential customers. Having a poorly designed website is worse than having no website at all. With your vision and our designers, your business will put its best foot forward.


Nearly 62% of American adults rely on social media for news and information, making it crucial—especially during newsworthy events like COVID-19—for businesses to maintain a social media presence to engage with current and potential clients.
For Respirana, 3STEPS4WARD created engaging social media content targeted to potential clients, market analysts, and investors.

How can we help your business use social media to enhance your online footprint?


With Respirana, we launched an ambitious campaign targeting investors with the goal of generating 200 leads per month.

Our writers worked with Respirana to cultivate monthly eNurture emails to highlight their groundbreaking work.

3STEPS4WARD wants to help you inspire people using eNurture too.


3STEPS4WARD utilizes market analysis to identify the most important target audience segments for your business and develops specialised messaging for them.
Respirana wanted to introduce their state-of-the-art respirators to investors, market analysts, and industry leaders. Our expert team researched the power players in the healthcare industry and provided that information directly to Respirana’s team, saving them time and resources.

We also conducted a deep dive into the respirator market to help Respirana communicate the benefits their product offered healthcare providers.
Who does your business need to reach to thrive in a post-COVID world? Let us help you reach them.
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