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Keep business-critical communication at your fingertips

Managing business relationships over email is messy. Bondle makes it simple.

About Bondle

The Solution to a Universal Business Problem

Email is the default form of communication for most businesses. Unfortunately, email makes for a poor system of record; it wasn’t designed to handle the intricacies of relationship-based work with multiple stakeholders (especially those outside your organization, like customers and clients).

We’ve all experienced the results of this disconnect: overflowing inboxes, buried messages, lost documents, forgotten cc’s, and other business email problems. Working like this isn’t just frustrating for you; it’s bad for business.

Bondle is our solution to this universal business problem. Bondle is an app that was designed specifically to manage business communication, keeping discussions, decisions, and documents at users’ fingertips.

Our Partnership

Refining brand and messaging to facilitate strategic outreach to new market segments

Bondle founder and CEO Sandeep Rao engaged 3STEPS4WARD in October 2020 to support their company’s growth into the American market. They were interested in expanding their client base to early childhood education centers in the U.S. To do so, they needed market research to learn more about this segment’s unique needs and areas of opportunity. In addition, they wanted to refresh their company’s branding and messaging. In particular, they were interested in creating simple yet compelling visuals and messages about Bondle’s value and distinguishing features, which could then be leveraged in marketing to new segments.

Today, Bondle and 3STEPS4WARD continue to work together on digital marketing projects that build off of this preliminary work, including a refresh of the company’s website to align with the new branding and messaging.

Sandeep Rao

Founder & CEO, Bondle

Project Highlights

Product & Value Messaging

Over the course of two months, we met with the Bondle team to discuss their platform, its differentiators, the niche it fills in the market, and its value to users. Born from these conversations was an overall messaging map, including slogans, taglines, a mission statement, and value propositions.

Brand Book

We created a set of visual guidelines to define Bondle’s brand in terms of color, typography, and graphic elements, all based on the existing Bondle logo.

Brand Book Bondle

Market Research

We created a market analysis report of early childhood education in the U.S., analyzing industry trends, quantifying different types of care settings, identifying the technology needs of this segment, and conducting competitive benchmarking on key performance indicators to inform Bondle’s go-to-market strategy.