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An investment podcast for the medical field

Stocks4Docs is a podcast that educates and empowers healthcare professionals to take charge of their personal finance and build wealth through value investing.

About Stocks4Docs

Stocks4Docs was created by host Dr. Viveta Lobo, an emergency medicine physician, mom, and self-taught investor. In this podcast, Viveta demystifies the fundamentals of stock investing using the gold standards set by investing gurus such as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Mohnish Pabrai. Guest speakers from across sectors share their expertise, stock picks, and wisdom to help listeners build a self-managed stock investing practice and build wealth.

Our Partnership

Turning one woman’s passion to help others build wealth into the launch of a new podcast

Viveta engaged the 3STEPS4WARD team in October 2020 with the goal of developing and launching her first podcast, Stocks4Docs. She had an ambitious mission to help her fellow healthcare professionals become more financially literate, and she was looking for a marketing team to partner with her and make that vision a reality. Over winter 2020, 3STEPS4WARD collaborated with Viveta to edit and support the recording of her first podcasts, develop the Stocks4Docs brand, and create a digital marketing campaign (including organic social media, blogs, and outreach) leading up to the podcast’s March 2021 launch. Together, Viveta and 3STEPS4WARD are continuing to grow Stocks4Docs' audience.

While I had the vision of what I was hoping to achieve with my podcast Stocks4Docs, executing that vision into a reality would not have been possible without the team from 3steps4ward.

As a full-service marketing team, they were able to create a seamless process from design to production on every aspect of creating my website, podcast and blog. Their team is full of highly talented and fun individuals who are easy to work with and make this journey so much more enjoyable and efficient. I look forward to working with them as I continue to grow and expand my audience.

Project Highlights

Brand Book

We developed a new logo and brand book for the Stocks4Docs podcast. These visual brand guidelines helped to create a cohesive identity across the podcast’s online presence.

Web Development

We created a branded website for the Stocks4Docs podcast, with new photography, resource pages, blogs, and landing pages for podcast episodes.

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Podcast Episodes

We supported the development of Stocks4Docs episodes by recommending equipment, helping with set-up, editing and mastering audio, mixing in music, and hosting the recorded podcasts.