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Douglas Younger, III

Founder and CEO

Doug Younger is the Founder and CEO of 3STEPS4WARD, a technology savvy marketing company that helps startups and entrepreneurs succeed with digital marketing. Doug and his team are a full-service marketing company that was founded on the principles of socially-responsible business.They are a Minority Business Enterprise and a Small Business Enterprise certified by the state of California; driven by the beliefs of positive social responsibility, mutually beneficial business, and personal reinvention.

California State University, East Bay

Doug and CSU: East Bay

Our CEO, Douglas Younger III, will be teaching marketing at CSU: East Bay this Spring. He will be teaching a Seminar in Selected Marketing Topics (focusing on social media and digital marketing) in the MBA for Global Innovators program and the One-Year MBA program.



Our company was founded by Douglas Younger, III in January 2020; however, the true origins of 3STEPS4WARD lie with Doug’s father. Douglas Younger, II was a middle-class entrepreneur and financial advisor who raised a family in Cleveland, Ohio.

He instilled in his son the values of achievement and socially-responsible business: the belief that true success comes from taking pride in your work, conducting yourself and your business in an ethical way, and using the fruits of your labor to help others.

“3STEPS4WARD a Continuing Father-To-Son Family legacy” by The Roanoke Tribune. Read More


Younger, Jr

“Douglas Younger, Jr.Junior, Tennis Pro, “Doug-er” or “Pops” (as I liked to call him)had many different names because in our community he was a brother, cousin, husband, coach, financial advisor, fraternity brother, tennis player, and to me personally, a father. Douglas Younger, Jr was a great man. Simply put, they just don’t make them like that anymore. For me, my father was a “hero” and a “role model” because he constantly demonstrated his values of pride, discipline, love, hard-work, and personal growth.”


Kathie Wheaton


Kathie Joanne Wheaton Younger graduated from James Madison University with a degree in elementary education and library science. She also attended Kent State taking classes towards her master’s degree.

Kathie married Douglas Younger, Jr. on August 20, 1977 and later moved to Cleveland, OH. There she was a librarian and teacher in the East Cleveland school system for 15 years until early retirement due to health issues. The pride of Kathie and Doug’s union was Douglas (DJ) Younger, III. Kathie was so proud of him and his accomplishments.

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