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There’s no argument that post COVID-19, our world will look drastically different. Sky-high unemployment rates, and an uncertain future have caused significant anxiety in all of us.
Whether you’ve experienced COVID related job loss or reduced income, or you’ve come to the realization that you’re ready for a professional change, we’re here to help guide you. New employment prospects, a new future, and even a new sense of self are right around the corner.
3STEPS4WARD’s experts will challenge you to redefine what success means to you and help you create actionable steps toward your new goals. Here are some of the ways that 3STEPS4WARD has successfully helped people like you:

Profile OptimizationResume WritingBiography Writing


When recruiters and hiring managers search for candidates on LinkedIn, optimized profiles rank significantly higher. More eyes on your profile lead to more job opportunities. 3STEPS4WARD’s team uses specific SEO keywords to tailor your profile for the jobs you want, making it easier for recruiters to find you.
Here’s an example of an optimized linked in profile. Take note of how each entry is formatted identically and includes keywords and skills that recruiters value. 3STEPS4WARD’s team will make your profile shine so that hiring managers take notice.


When you find an interesting job opportunity, don’t waste valuable time updating your resume. Our team will create an expertly-written resume that helps you stand out from other candidates. We will optimize your resume with relevant keywords that recruiters notice.
Here’s an example of a resume. It is formatted to make it easy for recruiters to find key information they use to make hiring decisions. 3STEPS4WARD’s experts will turn your resume and LinkedIn profile into a dynamic duo that helps you put your best foot forward.


A thorough, optimized, and personalized biography tells recruiters who you are. Think of your bio as your cover letter to the entire job market. A personal story that showcases your skills and personality. 3STEPS4WARD’s creative team will interview you and use our conversation and your resume to write an engaging biography that hooks hiring managers.
In addition to your main biography, we’ll develop a short summary to include with your LinkedIn profile. See an example below where the LinkedIn bio is an intriguing snapshot of the candidate’s full biography.
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