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Personal Rebranding

What does it take to rebrand yourself? Not your company, but who you are and what you stand for? It’s a complex question, but it’s one that 3STEPS4WARD can help you detangle.

What Are Personal Rebranding Services?

Personal rebranding is like a crash course in career and personal development. If you’ve ever wondered what your dream job is and how to get it, we walk you through step by step, so you end up with a resume, biography, and professional goals that ‘fit’.

Who Needs Personal Rebranding Services?

Anyone who isn’t 100% satisfied with their career. If you love your current job and can reasonably answer where you’ll be in 10 years (and how you’ll get there), you can skip this.

What Do Personal Rebranding Services Include?

3STEPS4WARD is a full-service company, meaning we help our clients with everything from resumes to career planning to networking. You’re in the driver’s seat, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you move forward.

In the past, our clients usually opt for one or all of the following:

  • -Personal Bio: Can you sum your professional life up in 250 words? Of course you can’t! But we live in a time-crunched world, so 3STEPS4WARD condenses your skills and accomplishments down to the essencee.

  • -Resume: One of the trickier documents you’ll have to update again and again in your life, we organize the trajectory of your career so it’s as clear to prospective employers as it is to you. Once you have a clean resume, it’s easier to slot in all those great accomplishments you’ll undoubtedly have down the line.

  • -Career Development Planning: You can’t just say you want to earn more or get a better job. You need to establish some metrics. Do you want to make $20,000 more in 5 years? Do you want to stay in your current industry? Do you want to be your own boss or the supervisor in your current department? Whatever it is, we map out the steps it takes to get there.

  • -Proactive Steps: Joining a board of directors, having coffee with your CEO, becoming the center fielder on your corporate baseball team: whether you’re an intern or an SMB owner, there are actions you can take to get ahead. We help you decide which ones will pay off.

  • -Social Media Profiles: If your profile isn’t showing up in professional searches, how can you really know what kinds of opportunities you’re missing. Whatever platform you want to be featured on (LinkedIn, Wellfound, etc.), we optimize your content so employers can reach out.

The Success Story of Natori: A Job Promotion Within a Month of Her First Session

When Natori Coleman first came to 3STEPS4WARD, she had horses on the brain. While she worked for an energy company, her true love was professional riding. She wanted to buy her own horse and move into an equestrian-related job.

Throughout the course of several sessions, we asked Natori some tough questions. She talked not just about her professional life, but about the personal events that shaped her career path. We weren’t afraid to raise some unpleasant facts either — namely that she would likely have to take a big salary cut if she wanted to move into the equestrian industry.

It wasn’t always an easy conversation, but Natori stuck with it. It didn’t take her long before she decided to stay in the energy industry — at least for the time being. And, even before we finished drafting her new resume, she used the momentum from all the sessions and managed to get a promotion with her current employer.

Do we take credit for her success? Absolutely not! (But also, yes, a little bit). The best part is that Natori didn’t have to give up her dreams entirely. She may not have been able to fulfill them all immediately, but she now has a clear path forward about how she’s going to leverage her experience and talent to achieve the future she wants.