February 14, 2022

3STEPS4WARD announced the launch of a new podcast called Twist of Fate: A Small Business Podcast.

San Ramon, California – Today, 3STEPS4WARD A Marketing Company announced the launch of a new podcast called Twist of Fate: A Small Business Podcast. The new originally produced video-podcast brings together startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to share their personal stories of inspiration that led them toward an entrepreneurial journey.

The new show will deliver video streaming content to the entrepreneurial community as it discusses real world business experiences that can be a positive force of change in one’s life. The goal of the podcast is to deliver true inspiration that can come from stories of entrepreneurial success, struggle, and/or pain.

“The concept is to start a dialogue about the steps necessary to become inspired to start a new business or in other words to make a dream become reality,” said 3STEPS4WARD Founder & CEO Douglas Younger III. “A Twist of Fate refers to the moment in life in which something happens to change one’s momentum. Change in small business can be difficult but achievable with planning, passion, & optimism.”

New podcast episodes will begin streaming on a variety of podcast platforms starting today including Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, and Google Podcast. Blogs and exclusive content will be released weekly on the official Twist of Fate website and social media channels including Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

The first episode called “Legacy: A Death in the Family Inspired Change,” begins streaming today and includes a special Valentines Day guest host Nikita Joshi, MD who interviews Douglas Younger III on his personal inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur and working as a positive force of change for the small business community.

Subsequent episodes will be released starting Saturday February 19th 2022 including Founder & CEO guests in cutting-edge industries and technologies including SaaS, Healthcare, Agriculture, Exoskeletons, VR, and more.

Episode2: Learning: Unending Service to Others Inspired Change | Tanisha Gingerich MSSA, Founder | Craniums Learning Center | (Release Date: 02/19/22)

Episode3: Honesty: A Lack of News Quality Inspired Change | Chase Palmieri, Co-Founder & CEO | Credder | (Release Date: 03/05/22)

Episode4: Family: A Lack of Meat Quality Inspired Change | Russ Angold, Entrepreneur | Angold Engineering & Forest Lake Farms

Episode5: Educators: A Patient Diagnosis Inspired Change | Kevin Bergman, MD & Mena Ramos, MD, Co-Founders | Global Ultrasound Institute | (Release Date: 03/19/22)

Episode6: Literacy: A Lack of Financial Understanding Inspired Change | Viveta Lobo, MD | Stocks4Docs: A Financial Literacy Podcast | (Release Date: 04/02/22)

Episode7: Awareness: A History in Silicon Valley Inspired Change | Mike Hoyman | Emails and Surveys | (Release Date: 04/16/22)

New episodes are currently being recorded and produced for future dates. Any aspiring entrepreneur, founder, small business owner interested in becoming a guest to share their inspiration with others can sign up here.

Twist of Fate: A Small Business Podcast will be promoted online and in radio advertisements such as Sports 1140 KHTK the home for the Sacramento Kings and San Diego Gulls So Cal Hockey Talk.

Listeners, fans, and collaborators are encouraged to consider supporting the new podcast by joining our community on the Twist of Fate Official Patreon that provides the opportunity to help create more episodes, special guests, special mentions on the episodes, and access to exclusive 3STEPS4WARD merchandise for showing support.

For more information and details on how to become a listener, visit Twist of Fate: A Small Business Podcast.

About 3STEPS4WARD: 3STEPS4WARD is a full-service marketing company that was founded on the principles of socially-responsible business. As a Minority Business Enterprise and a Small Business Enterprise certified by the state of California, we help startups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses succeed in their missions through tech-forward digital marketing. We provide a range of services including social media, lead generation, market research, strategy, branding, and web design.

Our family is a collective of marketing experts, creatives, and strategists brought together by Douglas Younger, III, an executive with two decades of marketing experience for Fortune 500 and NASDAQ-listed companies, Silicon Valley startups, 501(c)3s, and entrepreneurs across 40+ countries. Doug is also a marketing lecturer for executive MBA programs and webinars.

Learn more at 3STEPS4WARD.com and visit us on LinkedIn.

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