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The future of collaboration

SuperViz is a next-gen platform for immersive video conferences and presentations within 360° environments.

About SuperViz

The idea for SuperViz originated from SuperUber, a collaborative of creative technologists, designers, architects, writers, and producers led by Russ Rive and Liana Brazil. Since 2002, SuperUber has pioneered the integration of design, architecture, and technology to produce large-scale, interactive installations. SuperViz brings this immersive human/digital interface to an individual scale for professional and personal use.

SuperViz virtually teleports remote collaborators into any 360° scene—be it a sales floor, a rendering of a new construction, the Eiffel Tower, or the surface of the moon—where they can interact as if they were physically there together. Creating a SuperViz project is as easy as uploading a 360°photo, panorama, or 3-D rendering. Collaborators from across the globe can join you using a computer, mobile device, or VR headset.

Our Partnership

Sharing the future of collaboration with key market segments

SuperViz co-founder and CEO Russ Rive engaged 3STEPS4WARD in September 2020. SuperViz’s goal for the coming year was to enter the U.S. real estate market and corporate training markets. The 3STEPS4WARD team delivered tactical insights for go-to-market strategy in these areas and designed segment-specific messaging and eNurture email campaigns to generate leads.

Today, 3STEPS4WARD brings additional value to SuperViz in the form of organic social media, a website refresh, lifestyle blogs, marketing automation emails, and more.

"Working with 3STEPS4WARD has jump-started our digital marketing and sales pipeline. As the CEO of an international startup, it’s great working with a full-service marketing team that understands how we operate and integrates into our mission. Doug’s creative team helped solidify our brand messaging and adapt it for our key segments in the real estate and corporate training industries. I know that as our sales and marketing needs expand, 3STEPS will help us continue to grow."
Russ Rive
SuperViz co-founder and CEO

Project Highlights


Segment-Specific Blogs: Real Estate

We wrote monthly blogs geared toward target segments, with content geared towards their technology needs, industry trends, applications of the SuperViz platform, and sample SuperViz projects.


Segment-Specific eNurture Emails: Corporate Training

We produced eNurture email campaigns to engage target segments, demonstrate SuperViz’s value to the real estate and corporate training industries, and generate leads for cultivation.


Marketing Automation Emails

We created a four-part, segment-specific email campaign to gather leads via opens and clicks. We then followed up with SQLs via LinkedIn direct message to set up meetings and other lead nurturing touch points. Of 3,454 emails sent, we saw an impressive 46.2% open rate, generating 25 high-quality SQLs for targeted follow-up.